Roddy Piper
Role Tank, minor damage
Class Fighter
Race Dwarf
Level 1
Player Rockyroadrancher
Status Active


Roddy Piper Player Rockyroadrancher
Dwarf Fighter (True Neutral) Level 1 (XP 0)
Initiative +2
HP 15 AC 19 Fortitude +6 Reflex +2 Will +2
Speed 20 Size Medium
Str 15 (+2) Dex 15 (+2) Wis 15 (+2)
Con 17 (+3) Int 13 (+1) Cha 8 (-1)
Racial Abilities Darkvision 60, no armor penalty to speed, Stonecunning (+2 racial bonus on Search checks to notice unusual stonework), weapon familiarity: dwarven waraxes and urgroshes, +4 resist to bull rushes or tripping, +2 resist against poison, +2 save against spells, +1 to attack against goblins and orcs, +4 AC against giants, +2 to appraise and craft with stone.
Class Features Weapon and Armor Proficiency, Bonus Feats, Armor Training, Weapon Training, Bravery (+1 on saves vs fear (level 2), increases by one at level 6, 10, 14, 18)
Battack Basic Attack Dwarven Waraxe [1d10, crit x3, 8 lb., one-handed, slashing]
Branged Ranged Basic Attack Heavy Crossbow [1d10, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 120 ft., 8 lb., piercing]
Feats Endurance Combat Expertise
Skills Survival (+2) Sense Motive (+2) Perception (+2) Ride (unarmored) Climb (unarmored) Swim (unarmored) Acrobatics (unarmored)
Languages Common, Dwarven, Gnome



Age: 112 Gender: Male Height: 4'5" Weight: 210 lbs Alignment:True Neutral Personality: Honest to those he trusts and often does trust those he travels with. Naive sometimes about the intentions they hold. Can not take an insult lightly. Never backs down from a challenge unless he thinks something is malicious about it. Willing to give his foes a second chance, but will act against them if they refuse to take it. Highly possessive of his items, but often shares his drinks.


The first thing noticable about this dwarf is not his beard, but his gut. Years of inactivity has bolstered his waistline and made his muscles not like they used to be. With a very tight exercise regimen, he might be able to bring his body back to its full glory. His hair is a light brown as is his beard.


Roddy was born to a proud family of warriors. In each generation of his family, there has been warriors, and if not that, honored crafters. It seemed only destiny for Roddy to become a warrior. Due to the family curse in which those who were warriors were always killed in some way, he felt hesitant, yet to keep with tradition, he joined the militia. He fought with his fellow dwarves for some time, and he eventually got the hang of fighting. It wasn't until his 90th birthday that he came extremely close to death. Fearing for his safety, he decided to quit fighting, at least for a short period. That short period ended up turning into 22 years. Now he has finally decided to make a come-back of sorts. He still is weary of the family curse, but he plans to do all he can to break it.


1. Fighting to keep the tradition goingEdit

2. A return to gloryEdit

3. Surviving to break the curseEdit

4. Living a good, long timeEdit

Intends on living and if he feels as if there is an absolute threat against him, he may just take drastic measures.

Pathfinder CCEdit

Roddy Piper-Male Dwarf Fighter 1

Neutral Good

Representing Rockyroadrancher

Strength 15 (+2)

Dexterity 16 (+3)

Constitution 16 (+3)

Intelligence 14 (+2)

Wisdom 12 (+1)

Charisma 6 (-2)

Size: Medium

Height: 4' 5"

Weight: 210 lb

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark Brown Straight; Average Beard

Skin: Tan

Total Hit Points: 14

Speed: 20 feet

Armor Class: 19 = 10 + 7 [chain mail] + 2 [heavy steel]

Touch AC: 12

Flat-footed: 17

Initiative modifier: + 3 = + 3 [dexterity]

Fortitude save: + 5 = 2 [base] + 3 [constitution]

Reflex save: + 3 = 0 [base] + 3 [dexterity]

Will save: + 2 = 0 [base] + 2 [wisdom]

Attack (handheld): + 3 = 1 [base] + 2 [strength]

Attack (missile): + 4 = 1 [base] + 3 [dexterity]

Combat Maneuver Bonus: + 3 = 1 [base] + 2 [strength]

Combat Maneuver Defense: + 16 = 10 + 1 [base] + 2 [strength] + 2 [dexterity]

Light load: 66 lb. or less

Medium load: 67-133 lb.

Heavy load: 134-200 lb.

Lift over head:200 lb.

Lift off ground: 400 lb.

Push or drag: 1000 lb.

Languages: Common Dwarven Gnome Orc

Heavy Crossbow [1d10, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 120 ft., 8 lb., piercing]

Dwarven Waraxe [1d10, crit x3, 8 lb., one-handed, slashing]

Chain mail [medium; + 5 AC; max dex + 2; check penalty -5 40 lb.]

Heavy Steel Shield [ + 2 AC; check penalty -2; hardness 10; hp 20; 15 lb.]


Combat Expertise Reduce attack bonus to obtain AC bonus

Endurance +4 on saves vs. nonlethal damage

Favored class points: Hit points +1; Skill points +0Skill table 01

Adjust weapon attack rolls and armor penalties as required for masterwork / magic equipment.


+ 2 constitution, +2 wisdom, -2 charisma (already included)

Can move 20 feet even if in heavy armor

Darkvision (see 60 feet in pitch-dark)

Stonecunning ( + 2 on perception checks regarding stonework; automatic check if passing in ten feet)

All dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers.

+ 4 to avoid being bullrushed / tripped while standing on ground

+ 2 racial bonus on saves vs. poison

+ 2 racial bonus on saves vs. spells / spell-like abilities

+ 1 racial bonus to hit orcs and goblinoids

+ 4 dodge bonus on AC against giants

+ 2 racial bonus on appraise checks if stone/metal

Fighter &nbsp Bonus Feats (already included)

Armor training -- penalties for armor decrease by one each at levels 3, 7, 11, and 15

At level 3, moves at normal speed in medium armor. At level 7, moves at normal speed in any armor.

Bravery -- +1 on saves vs fear (level 2), increases by one at level 6, 10, 14, 18

Weapon training 1; at levels 5, 9, 13, and 17, chooose one group of weapons and take +1 on attacks and damage from this group and all groups previously selected. Mark here: {C Level 5: {C Level 9: {C Level 13: {C Level 17:

Armor Mastery (level 19) -- Damage reduction 5/- wearing any armor or using any shield

Weapon Mastery (level 20) -- choose one weapon for which all critical threats confirmed and damage multiplier increased by 1; cannot be disarmed when using it Class HP rolled Level 1: Fighter 10

Inventory 2

Edit: Get rid the tent to bring my load to a medium load.

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