This is some shit I expect all my players to do.Edit

If you don't do these things, there will be no game for you.Edit

If you need help with anything or whatever, let me know!Edit

  • Know the basics of how to Pathfinder -Check
  • Know the basics of how to use that MapTool thing (apparently Fantasy Grounds isn't an option since it's being a bitch to some people) - Check
  • Make a level 1 character - Checl
  • Use the Character Creation Guide Veshch made to put your character on this wiki. Ignore everything under ==MATH== because it's some pointless shit - Check
  • Don't be afraid to add a bunch of text about your character
  • Get your shit approved by me
  • Let me know when you will be available for gaming (just reserve a whole day for it cause these things take time)
  • Don't be a faggot

To contact me, either catch me on Steam or leave a message on my User Talk page.