• Started in Sandpoint
  • Elin learned about the crude past of the town and told us shortly after
  • A festival was organized (for some reason)
  • We ate and Cara took 3 days worth of rations
  • Roddy and Alaric both drink one ale and go drunk. Elin is fine.
  • A pack of goblins appears and get obliterated
  • Four more goblins and a goblin warchanter appear
  • We kill the chanter and 3 of the goblins
  • The remaining goblin was kept alive for information and as a slave
  • Some loot was gotten, such as a cleaned goblin fingerbone and some gold.
  • Noises were heard from the north and upon investigation more goblins and a commander were found
  • After a failed infiltration by Alaric, the fight began.
  • Alaric was soon in very much trouble, but was saved due to a natural 20 heal roll. Succesfully bringing him from -4 to +3 hp.
  • The entire team rushed over to help and soon enough everyone was fighting goblins.
  • After learning the commando was needed for intel, the female wrestler decided to beat all odds and get a natural 20 on a pin roll for the commando.
  • After the fight, a man came and thanked us for saving him, he told us to come tothe Rusty Dragon Inn the next day for a proper reward.{| cellpadding="0"

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