• Thog picked his nose atleast at one point during the game.
  • Began our QUEST
  • Exploring some kind of dungeon
  • Runic shit happens and a rift opens in space-time
  • A fire-breathing hezrou or something crawls through it and attacks
  • Takes a while but with our great skill, we manage to defeat it with no major casualties
  • THog decides to do the insanely clever thing and jump through the rift
  •  ???
  • Back to the present
  • Doing a job, guarding a trading caravan to the next town
  • Thog's stupid running around and shouting about chicken woke up a bugbear that then proceeded to slap our shit
  • Well, not really, Skelera just slapped THog's shit with a lvl1 arrow and he fell unconscious. Then we incapacitated the bugbear.
  • Then SOME LAWFUL-GOOD FAGGOT decides to go and kill the poor, innocent, humanoid creature
  • We continue on to town and arrive safely, etc etc
  • The Quartermaster of the guild is a complete dick and denies us our hard-earned cash
  • We ragequit
  • Meanwhile during all that faggotry Thog was passing in and out of consciousness, bleeding, being disabled, etc
  • We decide to go heal him and gather information
  • There's a healer in the slums so we go there
  • there's a crowd of people
  • Spend a good ten hours or so waiting around and being stupid
  • Adderdorf decides to try passing as child under all that armour and beardedness and pass through the crowd
  • It works?!?!?!?!? we get healer to heal Thog
  • THog is healed
  • THog still wants his chicken and goes to the guild from previously
  • Shouts about chicken and smashes club into counter
  • Grabs quartermaster and goes to hit him
  • He runs off
  • Follows him into back room and starts smashing things
  • Can't find any chicken
  • Adder looks at job board and takes a contract for a lost cat
  • Talk to dwarf woman about cat
  • Spend the whole day finding a lost cat they think is it
  • Give it to woman, she goes into back room and the sounds of a chop and a squeal were heard
  • Comes out later with food, thog eats it all
  • Thog punches her in the face because she wouldn't give thog her bed, breaks her nose and gives her a black eye
  • She swings her cleaver at thog and slashes his face
  • Thog throws Adder at her but misses
  • Encounter ends with Adder punching thog unconscious and dragging him to an inn
  • Session ends with thog on a bed sleeping and adder on the floor

Thog's diary of some of the events

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